PetBloon from Pedigree Wholesale

PetBloon is now available from Pedigree Wholesale - they have stock ready to send and their sales team have some demo units, so ask yours for a play next time they visit!

Pedigree product code: 3951

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What makes PetBloon a great buy?

  • Gift-ready packaging contains 1 PetBloon Polyester Balloon Cover & 3 Latex Balloons so you're ready to play
  • Designed in Scotland, PetBloon is the next-generation of our five-star rated baby product
  • Simple to use: 1. insert balloon and inflate 2. twist balloon to seal 3. tuck balloon the Velcro opening and close
  • The balloon is contained with Velcro - even if it bursts, animals and children can't get at the remnants so there's protection from swallowing balloon pieces or choking
  • Bespoke PetBloon dog print fabric, featuring our early testers' dogs. Designed for maximum appeal within a dogs colour spectrum (yellow to blue).
  • Increases balloon durability - no more loud pops which frighten dogs
  • Reusable - works with any standard size balloon
  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors
  • Folds to pocket-size to take on walks
  • Lightweight - it's only a balloon so won't injure kids, damage furniture or knock over ornaments
  • Specifically designed for smaller dogs - we recommend for dogs less than 12kg. However, it's great for any size of dog as long as they aren't a heavy chewer - it's still a balloon after all!
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees

Order from Pedigree Wholesale

Point of sale materials

Point of sale is available to support you selling PetBloon
Please contact [email protected] to order yours

PetBloon CDU

Cardboard Countertop Display

Ideal for display at your till point or on a shelf, each display unit holds 6 PetBloon products securely ensuring they're easy to access and capture customer attention!

Finished size with 6 products - 210mm wide, 200mm deep, 230mm high (300mm clearance to remove product needed)

PetBloon Eurohook Display

Eurohook Backer Board

If you're displaying PetBloon on a eurohook, place one of these backers behind it to draw attention and demonstrate the product when inflated.

Our clever double-sided design ensures you can pick the indoor or outdoor image which will have the greatest appeal for your customers, or you may choose to show both on two eurohooks.

Finished size - 300mm wide, 365mm high