Dog Christmas Gift Guide 2018

We’re no strangers to the pet industry, and after a year of trade shows and meeting lots of brands, these are our honest recommendations for great Christmas presents for your dog.

As with anything, all dogs have their own preferences and you know your pup best. Most of these products are available online from the brands, other pet retailers and your local independent pet shop.

Paw Naturel Balm

We're sure something similar is on your list, but when you have 4 bare paws on cold ground all the time then it's even more essential. Your best friend will thank you for the little extra TLC after dashing through the snow, and as a bonus it works for humans too!

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Frozzys Dog Yoghurt

If your dogs are anything like mine then nothing will get their attention like yoghurt or ice cream. Frozzy's makes lactose-free (meaning no upset tummies) dog-yoghurt which is an ideal Festive dessert treat for them, and since it's frozen it lasts for ages.

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King Comb

The only thing which our dog likes being brushed with. Small gentle strokes seem to work well and ensure that no hair is tugged or pulled. Although the soft rubber massaging side tends to get a bigger tail wag of approval.

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Barking Bakery

We don't want this whole list to be about treats, but since there'll be plenty of tasty treats for the grown ups, your dog deserves some too. Try an Woofin as a dog-approved treat, or hide some popcorn around the house to keep your pup entertained.

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Harry's Treats

These are our absolute favourite treats (I say our... our dogs)- lots of flavours, freshly baked and really well priced, Paul and the team always seem to have a queue in the shop and we definitely know why. Get a variety to keep treat time interesting for your dog - Phoebe is yet to turn her nose up at any.

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House of Paws Brussel Sprout treat feeder

Our concession to a 'proper' Christmas item - fill with treats and let your dog roll this around to liven up their winter days. The best use for a Brussel sprout.

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EcoHound years supply of bags

I'm more of a poo bag expert than I'd like to admit - but after years of searching, and dealing with poor quality supermarket bags due to being caught short, I found these. 1000 reassuringly thick bags should last about a year for most dogs, although other pack sizes are available. These are great quality, generously sized and store neatly in boxes so you'll always have some to hand. Even better that they're about as biodegradable as a plastic bag can get, and come in a fetching shade of green.

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Dog Robes

This is the product I am most passionate about - and certainly gets the most use in our house. Wet or muddy dogs are quickly dried with a hand towel then enrobed in their DogRobes - they can then lay or shake as much as they want without leaving a trail of splatter and mess. Top tip: buy two so you always have a one dry and ready to go.

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Kelso & Titch personalised treat jar

More biscuits, but in a beautiful personalised jar - ideal as a gift to friends or to your own best friend. Choose from a great selection of treats with it too (Cheddar mini bites are a hit with us).

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An unusual addition to a gift guide, but something we wouldn't be without. Leucillin feels like a secret weapon - a quick spray after removing a tick or on cuts & grazes - it works as a safe, natural antiseptic (so there's no danger if your dog licks it). Also great at removing discolouration from fur around eyes.

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Made just down the road from BloonCo HQ, My McDawg collars and leads are beautifully handcrafted from Harris Tweed. We love their new 'Mucky Pups' range which adds a backing and plastic buckle so they can handle wet weather and dogs who swim - ensuring your pup will look great all winter!

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Impartial, but we get to include our own product? PetBloon is awesome at Christmas - safe inside as it's unlikely to knock decorations off the tree, and great fun for interactive play with all the family and your dogs. Pack it down and take it to the relatives, or go for a play in a snowy park and keep your dog entertained all winter.

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