PetBloon - Dog Balloon Toy

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PetBloon offers big fun interactive balloon play for your dog. Our clever balloon cover transforms standard balloons into a safer, more durable toy your pup will love. Designed for smaller breeds and gentle giants - it's still a balloon after all!

PetBloon Dog Balloon Toy
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Top Dog for Playtime

PetBloon is a rare breed of dog toy, no ruff edges - designed and refined to be leader of the pack. Each PetBloon is hand sewn to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Water Resistant Balloon Cover

Helps prevent pops and balloon dangers for pets

Large Woven Label

Allows smaller dogs to carry the inflated toy around

Hook & Loop Seal

Keeps the balloon securely encapsulated - dogs can't get at the latex which makes choking less likely

Made to be practical

PetBloon is your anywhere/anytime dog toy. They go barking mad for it.

Folds to Pocket Size

Balloon easily deflates - simply twist it rather than tying - PetBloon is easily reusable and folds to fit in your pocket or bag

Indoor or Outdoor Play

Simply a balloon - lower risk of damage or injury than heavy balls and toys

Use Any Standard Balloon

Balloon gone pop? Use any standard latex balloon to replace it - much cheaper than a whole new toy!

Light & Floaty

Safe, durable and lots of fun for all the family

How to use PetBloon

PetBloon is really simple to use, and reuse time and time again. A few seconds and a couple of puffs is all it takes!

Unpack and Insert Balloon

1. Unpack &
Insert Balloon

Inflate and Seal Balloon

2. Inflate then twist
to seal (no knots!)

Tuck inside the cover and play

3. Tuck balloon inside
& play

Sometimes Size Matters

We want to ensure PetBloon is the best product for you and your dog. It's ideal for most, but we don't recommend PetBloon for puppy teeth, heavy chewers or very destructive dogs.

Small Breed

Small Breeds

PetBloon is great for smaller breeds. We've included a tough woven label so they can carry or drag the toy around which makes PetBloon much more stimulating and interactive than other ball toys.

Medium Breed

Medium Breeds

Slightly larger breeds love PetBloon - they can really easily chase and header it (while you know it won't cause any harm to them, or damage to surroundings). It'll quickly become a favoured toy.

Large Breed

Large Breeds

Remember PetBloon is still a balloon! Bigger dogs can sometimes get their jaws around the cover and pop the balloon with sharp teeth - you can minimise this by making sure the balloon is really well inflated!

PetBloon Frequently Asked Questions

PetBloon includes 1 Polyester Balloon Cover with hook and loop closure and a woven label, plus 3 natural latex rubber balloons so you can start playing straight away!

Yes, 3 white natural rubber latex balloons are included. If these burst, you can use any standard latex balloon.

We've designed PetBloon with safety in mind - it's the evolution of our baby product which was designed to make balloons safe for kids and PetBloon meets the same EN71 safety standards.

The woven polyester cover helps make a balloon more durable, the main safety feature is that the balloon is completely enclosed in fabric which has a hook and loop seal. Therefore should the balloon burst the sound is muffled and any pieces of balloon are kept inside the cover so you dog can't ingest them.

PetBloon is available from great independent pet shops. We're still new but are available in more local retail outlets every week.

Yes, we'd love to work with you. Please see our trade pages for more information.





Country of Manufacture



1 x PetBloon Balloon Cover, 3 x Latex Balloons


100% Polyester Cover, Natural Rubber Latex Balloons

Pack Dimensions

210mm (w), 22mm (d), 235mm (h)

Pack Languages

English, French, German, Italian

Product Dimensions

Approx 250mm diameter when inflated